What to Wear to a Photo Shoot?

It might just be the biggest stressor in the entire photo session process. What to wear to a photo shoot? Try not to make it too difficult. Full on matching (as in, everyone in black shirts) is out. It doesn’t show personality and just looks odd. I tell my clients if you wouldn’t want to be seen out to dinner after your photo session in the outfits, don’t wear it. There is no way I would be caught at Chuy’s with my entire family decked out in white shirts and black pants. Too dorky. The only time I like all white or all cream is at a newborn photo session because it fully puts the focus on the baby and a newborn mixed in with patterns just doesn’t feel right.

Light grays, creams, tans, anything that has an organic and airy feel is best. I prefer to photograph families a neutral gray or taupe backdrop.  Moms, I am fully aware you had a baby like 5 days ago. I avoid photographing tummies and if it is in there, I will slim it down so you look more like your pre pregnancy self. You’re welcome. 🙂


Neutrals and muted colors can also be the best choice for an outdoor session.


If you like bright, stick to primary and other bold or jewel tone colors mixed in with neutrals, try and stay away from neon.

Steer clear of green if you are doing an outdoor grassy area or field shoot. It is a great accent, but can be too much when there is green on green on more green.

Layering, especially in the fall and winter, is the way to go! The different colors and textures with the vests and sweaters are great! Don’t forget hats and accessories, they add so much to the images.

Starting with one outfit and working off of that is easiest. Make sure everyone has tried on their outfits before the session. A good fit is everything for kids and adults. Also you want to make sure you can move around in it. If your bra pops out every time you twist, or your kid’s diaper is sticking out the top, then it will be in the photos. Photoshop is not a good fix for these wardrobe malfunctions.

Dress for your location.
Maxi dresses, boots, jeans and sweaters may be perfect for an open field, a cute dress and heels for a downtown location, just make sure you are comfortable, some of these locations require some walking.

Senior girls: Y’all are usually super trendy and don’t need my help. But if you do, just email or text and we will recommend what we think will be perfect for you location(s).

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