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It’s a little posed, a little candid and flows naturally. We normally start out with our posed everybody-looking-and-smiling shots. I direct the shoot, but I let the family guide me. I guess you could say, I like to vibe off the people I am photographing. Coming with a list you want to check off from pinterest is not going to be what you think. Sure, 1 or 2 ideas is great, but a whole shot list is the quickest way to look staged and zap my creativity. I like to watch how you interact and lead the shoot that way. That is how we get the most natural and emotion filled shoots and don’t have to rush around from a check list. The session ends with our more candid and playful shots and we make sure to get combinations of all family members together. I know most men don’t enjoy photo shoots. Tell them it moves quick, it’s not awkward and I will never leave you feeling like you have to figure out what to do in the shots yourself, unless you just want to, which is rare.



These are probably the easiest of all the session. Maternity shoots are done at around 30-35 weeks. Adults take direction so well, it’s a nice change from chasing toddlers while changing settings. Most people bring two outfits and change half way through. If other kids are involved it will flow just like a family session, with most of the focus on mom’s belly of course. These are a fun way to get to know us before your newborn session, document a fleeting time in your life and have one last shoot that’s all about you as a couple.



Done at 4 days to 3 weeks after birth. Most of our moms book their newborn session in the second trimester. If you are doing family pictures and there are older siblings involved, we begin the session with family/sibling shots. This portion takes 15-20 minutes and we ask that any siblings leave with dad or grandma or someone after their part is done. The newborn portion usually takes 2 hours, but can be done in as quick as 1 hour if the baby is sound asleep and may take as long as three hours if we run into some fussiness. Basically just be prepared to be there for three or so hours. If we get done quicker, then yay! If not, at least you have been warned about the crazy length of some of these shoots. If there are no siblings involved, we will start with the newborn portion, give mom and dad a 5 or 1o minute warning so they can check hair and makeup and then end the shoot with our family shots. We do all the work. We don’t need help posing, changing, wiping, or handling the newborn. This is what we do. You are more than welcome to sit on the sofa right by our shooting area and watch everything we do. Lauren and I have a flow, she is a step ahead of me, we know what our next move is going to be and it’s a very planned and intricate process. You may hear words like taco, jelly bean, El Paso, ISO, donut and macro. It’s our own little newborn photography jargon. I am highly trained in both newborn safety and newborn posing and you can rest assured that your tiny baby is in the absolute best hands.



These are 100% what the child will and won’t do and what they like and don’t like. If I can sense that a child is nervous, I may just talk to the parent and not talk to the child for a while. If the child is playful, I will play. I have four kids of my own. One is extremely anxious, was afraid of people as a toddler, and sensitive is an understatement, one is very shy and cries when she is nervous, and one is outgoing and has the personality of a wild party girl. I get it. Different kids, different personalities. The pictures always turn out beautiful. Feel free to bribe them, but try not to put too much pressure on them. Tell them that they are going to play with me. I want them to have fun. I also may ask you to step aside if I am not getting eye contact with the camera. I find that some children do better when their parents are not standing right behind me. After about 1 year old, I recommend child sessions to be outside, until they are about 3 or 4, then a studio session can be really successful.



I want you to feel beautiful and look your best. We require professional makeup for these shoots. I tell you how to pose that will be flattering and natural. We will get silly candids and gorgeous close ups and everything in between. We joke around a lot, change outfits a few times and really have a good time. These can be done in the studio, outside, or a combination of both. We will talk through email, text or on the phone before your shoot so we can make sure we have all the details, outfits and accessories figured out, as well as your vision for the shoot that will compliment your personality.


Ordering Appointment

This is the best part! You’ve picked out the perfect outfit,  you made it through your photo shoot and now it’s time to see the beautiful images that we all worked so hard to create. Lauren will contact you as soon as the images are done and the proofs are in. You will then make an appointment with her to go and view your pictures, look through our products and place your order. These ordering sessions usually take about an hour, but you can take as little or as much time as you need. Bring anyone with you who will be helping make the final decision, it’s best to leave any young children at home so you can fully concentrate and not worry about little Timmy running around the studio tripping on cords or pulling things off the shelves. The appointment starts with a slide show of your pictures on our big TV, then you will get to sort through 5×7 photo proofs printed at our professional lab. Lauren will help guide you through the ordering process and help you get the most bang for your buck. We take checks, cash, credit and debit cards and we also have payment plans if that helps with your budget. You will finalize your order at this time and we will get to work processing it right away.

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