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Introducing my September newborns!


I have had some questions on my newborn photography workflow. This is how it goes….

I start off with any family shots if there is a sibling. These are hard. Most older siblings are toddlers or preschoolers and their world has just been turned upside down with the addition of a new baby. I do not have tons of time to spend on these considering the newborn portion takes so long, so we make sure to get a few solid set ups. One with the family, one with each parent and baby and two or three or sometimes just one of the siblings together depending on cooperation. If there is not sibling, I wait until the end of the session to photograph the parents with the baby. A lot of my moms get their makeup done in the studio while I am photographing the newborn, so if that is the case we definitely wait until the end.

fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy

newborn-photogrpaher-dallas copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

family-photographers-fort-worth copy

dallas-newborn-photographer copy

family-photographers-fort-worth copy

If we don’t do any family shots at first, I go straight for the beanbag. That is if the baby is already sleeping. When I am undressing the baby, I assess the sleepy level and see how the baby responds to me and go from there. If the baby is wide awake, I will wrap it up and do some wrapped shots in a prop to try and help the baby fall into a deep sleep.


These are some of the beanbag poses. I use three different colors of backdrops for the beanbag and change them every 3 or so poses. Posing newborns doesn’t come easily, it really takes years of practice and fine tuning to get it just how you like it.

Here are some of the poses I like to do. I attempt all poses at all sessions and mostly succeed. It all goes back to how old the baby is, how sleepy, how full, how strong their sucking reflex is, if the parents will allow them to take a pacifier, etc.

dallas-newborn-photographer copy


dallas-newborn-photographers copy
dallas-tx-newborn-photographers copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

newborn-photographers-fort-worth copy

dallas- newborn-photographers   copy
dallas-newborn-photographers copy
dallas-tx-newborn-photographer copy
fort-worth- newborn-photographer  copy
fort-worth-newborn-photography copy
fort-worth-tx-newborn-photographers copy

newborn-photographer-fort-worth copy

newborn-photographers-dallas copy

newborn-photographers-in-fort-worth copy
newborn-photography-fort-worth copy

southlake-newborn-photographers copy

Then after I get all those cuddly, squishy poses, it’s on to the props and flokati shots and anything left that doesn’t require the bag.


dallas-tx-newborn-photographers copy

dallas-newborn-photographer  copy

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

newborn-photographers-dallas copy

newborn -photographers-fort-worth   copy
dallas-newborn-photographers   copy

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy

aggie-newborn-photos copy

fort-worth-newborn -photographers  copy

newborn-photographers-fort-worth copy

newborn-photographer-southlake-tx copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographer  copy

Then about 2.5 hours later I have a ton of precious images to go home and cull and edit, the longest and slightly boring portion of the workflow.

Thank you all my September newborns!! It will be hard to beat all that cuteness!

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This was a beautiful family session shot at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. I go back and forth on my favorite places to shoot and right now White Rock is at the top of my list. I like how many looks you can get there, the trees, the lake, there are tall fields, the light is beautiful. I have also shot there at sunrise and although it changes up my routine, the light was equally as gorgeous. I have been photographing a lot of families with their dogs lately. After losing my beloved Old English Sheepdog, Merlin, I wish I would have had him in some of our professional family shoots. Little kids with their dogs are about as cute as it gets.


dallas-child-photographers copy
dallas-family-photographer copy

fort-worth-family-photographer copy

family-photographers-dallas copy

I usually recommend two year olds being photographed outside. The studio can be a real challenge. This little guy did so well. Between the well behaved kid and the well behaved dog, I was a happy photographer!


fort-worth-child-photographers copy


Then we moved on to our second spot. The light is different, the trees are different. It’s just an overall different look. Perfect time for a wardrobe change. And as the child starts to get bored with pictures, we shift more into candid and playful shots. They are rarely my huge print or canvas images that my clients choose, but I still love to get a good mix of posed and playful.

dallas-photographers copy

family-photographers-dfw copy


Dog and kid, still going strong!

dallas-tx-family-photographer copy


Then onto the third spot. At this point we are moving pretty fast to keep the child’s attention and to get some more variety. This area had a ton of sun, and my favorite black and white images are all the ones that have a ton of sun.

fort-worth-photographers copy


And lastly, the dock. The dock can be a pain because there may or may not be 15 people taking selfies. But if you are patient enough, or ask politely, they may move over so you can get a great, seemingly serene shot by the water. Sunsets with water are so great in images!

dallas-portrait-photographers copy
If you like my style and would like to know more about booking a custom portrait session with Paige Walker Photography email

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This family has been with me through almost my entire business journey. Bailey came to me for newborn photos when I had only been open for business a few months. They have had many shoots with me since then and I have watched Bailey grow into a beautiful and funny little girl, and now I have watched Cash grow and change over the past year. Cash has been through a heart surgery and lots of other procedures and I can’t imagine how stressful it has been on his poor parents. That makes photo shoots like this even sweeter.  Cash is healthy, smiling and thriving and it was such an honor to capture that for his family.


fort-worth-childrens-photographer copy

Here is big sister Bailey! I always like to photograph the older sibling alone if they come to a session. Usually I can squeeze in a few while the baby is having their clothes changed. I love photographing kids on these white boards!

fort-worth-child-photographer copy

They have the best blue eyes! Both of them. Lucky!

fort-worth-baby-photographer copy

Cash still needed a little assistance sitting up. So we pulled over the white sofa and propped him up. All the white looks so good together and hats are always a good choice to add something to the photos.


dallas-fort-worth-baby-photographer copy

This yellow wagon is one of my favorite props. We just stuck some fabric behind him and he was able to sit in it.

dallas-baby-photographer copy
child-photographer-dallas copy

Snuck another one in of Bailey!

baby-photographers-fort-worth copy

This is another tiny little sofa that works well for siblings or to prop up the babies that are really close to sitting unassisted. Cash clearly loved it!

baby-photographers-dallas copy

Another shot I always hope to get at Cash’s age is the baby laying down and grabbing or playing with their feet. It is so cute to me and something babies only do for a short amount of time.


I would love to photograph your baby in our Fort Worth studio! You can contact us through the contact or get in touch button on the home page.

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Here are my other August mamas.

Candace was so great to work with! She wanted to do some studio shots as well as some in downtown Fort Worth. Two very different looks, but sometimes you just want more than one location. When we shoot at two locations, you typically end up with more images to choose from and a lot more variety from the session.


I love when pregnant women embrace their changing shape and want to capture it to remember forever. The black bandeau really showed off baby Ace. Great choice!

dallas-maternity-photographers  copy


I am in love with backlit, glow-y shots like this.

fort-worth-maternity-photographers copy

And look at these cute big sisters! I had to snap a few of them in the studio before we headed over to downtown.

fort-worth-child-photographer  copy


The different colors and textures make downtown Fort Worth an excellent photo location. Sometimes when I am shooting there I catch people walking by in the background and cars driving by and that just adds to the downtown feel. This is not a very popular choice for maternity photos, but I LOVE how they came out!! Hopefully more people will do maternity in a downtown setting.

dallas-maternity-photographer   copy

fort-worth-family-photographers copy



maternity-photographers-fort-worth copy

dallas-fort-worth-maternity-photographers  copy


This total babe just had triplet boys. WHAT?!?!?!

They chose the location that is part field and part beach. Well, as beachy as we get here anyway.

dallas-pregnancy-photographers copy

Their adorable son Braxton always hams it up for me!

fort-worth-maternity-photographer copy


dallas-pregnancy-photographer copy

This is my favorite image of Nikki from the session. It was so great that she was willing to wade out in the water, and the results are just beautiful!

dallas-fort-worth-maternity-photographers copy

fort-worth-pregnancy-photographers copy

dallas-fort-worth-family-photographers copy

fort-worth-family-photographer copy


Cute, cute, CUTE family! The mom and dad look like Cinderella and Price Charming, so that doesn’t suck.

dallas-family-photographers copy

dallas-maternity-photographer copy

They are excepting another little boy in a week or two and I bet these brothers are going to be so close!

maternity-photographers-dallas copy

dallas-maternity-photographers copy

At the end of the session we went down to a dock. I absolutely love this picture.

fort-worth-child-photographer copy

If you love my work and would like to talk about booking a maternity portrait session click the contact or get in touch buttons on the home page. We recommend doing a maternity session at 30-34 weeks for that perfect bump.


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I knew this session was going to be tons of fun when I got the very first email from their mom! She was wanting colorful, airplanes, all American boy and cowboys and Indians shoot. That may seem like a lot to squeeze into one session, but it worked out just right. I can usually read kids really well and know when it is time for the session to flow to something else.

I loved how she went with primary colors, very all American, preppy and classic! I almost always have this quilt in the back of my car for sessions. It has a colorful side and an off white side. Many many happy kids and families have sat on it!

family-photographers-fort-worth copy

When a kid’s eyelashes are long and beautiful, I adore getting shots of them looking down or closing their eyes.

fort-worth-child-photographer copy

To change the look up a little, they went shirtless! It ended up being one of my favorite brother shots ever! We have this printed on metal in the studio and it looks so perfect. Don’t be afraid to book a family or child session in the summer, even though it’s hot in Texas we move quickly and the colors are so rich and green.


dallas-fort-worth-photographers copy

They brought along the “so fly” banner, which I thought was just perfect to go with the airplanes. I believe she got it on etsy.


fort-worth-photographers copy

dallas-child-photographer copy
child-photographer-fort-worth copy

The cowboys and Indians part was definitely my favorite! Nothing says “rough and tumble little boys” like some cowboys and indians running around! It turned out just how I was hoping!

fort-worth-family-photographers copy

dallas-family-photographers copy


If you have found some crazy ideas on pinterest or somewhere else, do not be afraid to tell me when we are planning your session! We are really good at taking something that may seem cheesy or too much of a theme and making it look adorable! Let’s bring your idea to life and create some beautiful art!

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