Paige Walker Photography: Newborn Twin Studio Session {fort worth dallas newborn twin photographer}

A few favorites from Carter and Cruz’s shoot. What great looking boys!!


dallas-newborn-photographer copynewborn-twin-photographer-fort-worth copynewborn-photographer-dallas copyfort-worth-twin-newborn-photographer copyfort-worth-newborn-twin-photographer copyfort-worth-newborn-photographer copydallas-newborn-twin-photographer copydallas-newborn-photographers copy

Paige Walker Photography: Studio Newborn Photography {fort worth newborn photographer}

The cuteness! All 3 of them! Holland is darling! Thanks for coming out to Fort Worth for your newborn shoot, wreck em!


baby-photographer-fort-worth copynewborn-photography-dallas-fort-worth copynewborn-photographer-fort-worth copyfort-worth-texas-newborn-photographer copyfort-worth-photography-studio copyfort-worth-photographer copyfort-worth-newborn-photography-studio copyfort-worth-newborn-photographer copyfort-worth-newborn-baby-photographer copyfort-worth-family-photography copyfort-worth-boutique-photography-studio copyfort-worth-baby-photography copyfort-worth-baby-photographer copydallas-photographers copydallas-newborn-photography copydallas-newborn-photographers copydallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographer copydallas-newborn-photographer copydallas-boutique-photography-studio copy

Paige Walker Photography: Jackson’s Studio Cake Smash {fort worth baby photographer}

Look who is UNO!!!!! Jackson is one cool dude!


dallas-baby-photographer copyfort-worth-photography-studios copyfort-worth-photography-studio copyfort-worth-photographer copyfort-worth-one-year-portraits copyfort-worth-child-photographers copyfort-worth-child-photographer copyfort-worth-cake-smash-photographer copyfort-worth-baby-photographers copyfort-worth-baby-photographer copydallas-baby-photographers copy

Paige Walker Photography: Newborn Twin Studio Session {fort worth newborn twin photographer}

Twins are kind of becoming my thing. And I love it. I used to lose sleep over how to get the most out of a twin newborn session, what my flow should be and what poses and set ups would work the best. I wondered what images would look best together on a wall, storyboard or announcement. Well, Lauren and I finally have it down to a workflow that we love and have major success with. Phew!

These sweethearts are no ordinary twins. They were born at 30 weeks and spent 10 weeks in the NICU. That means we couldn’t do the usual 1 week old newborn shoot, they had been out of mommy’s tummy for almost three months. That also meant they didn’t pose and sleep the way brand new babies do, even though their adjusted age was just 3 days old. Lauren and I had to throw parts of our plan out the window, but we are just so in love with the final images of Reese and Olivia! So much so that their blue and green wrapped image is on a big canvas in the studio ordering area!


dallas-newborn-photographer copytwin-newborn-photographer-fort-worth copynewborn-twin-photographer-dallas-fort-worth copyfort-worth-newborn-photography copyfort-worth-newborn-photographer copyfort-worth-newborn-baby-photographer copydfw-newborn-twin-photographer copy

Paige Walker Photography: Tatsak’s Outdoor Family Session {fort worth dallas family photographer}

I loved every minute of this session. Maybe it was because they are so cute, maybe it’s because the kids were a little bit older and could take direction, maybe it’s because it was at one of my favorite locations, but either way it was greatness!


child-photographer-fort-worth copyft-worth-family-photographer copyfort-worth-photographers copyfort-worth-photographer copyfort-worth-family-photographers copyfort-worth-family-photographer copyfort-worth-child-photography copyfort-worth-child-photographer copyfamily-photography-fort-worth copyfamily-photographers-in-dfw copyfamily-photographers-fort-worth copyfamily-photographer-dallas copydfw-family-photographer copydallas-texas-family-photographers copydallas-fort-worth-family-photography copydallas-fort-worth-family-photographers copydallas-fort-worth-child-photographers copydallas-family-photographers copydallas-family-photographer copydallas-child-photographers copychild-photographers-fort-worth-texas copychild-photographers-fort-worth copy

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