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Doing something different creatively fuels me. I can’t get enough of the outdoor backlit maternity sessions, but this one. This one. Wow! I have picked a few of my favorites to share here. There is something about the simplicity in some images and the dramatic lighting and artsy vibe in others that really spoke to me. Megan is a dream client, beautiful, confident and up for anything. When your photographer says, “go ahead and just put on your bra and panties for a few” and you say, “OK!” it’s going to be a good day.


A silhouette is such a perfect way to show off a pregnant woman’s body. The light falls just right on the belly.


studio-maternity-photos copy

Who knew laying on the floor pregnant and in your underwear could look so darn glamorous?! The light spilling over onto her gives it a dreamy feel that I really like.

fort-worth-photography-studio copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy


Megan is literally and figuratively glowing!

dallas-pregnancy-photography copy

fort-worth-maternity-photographers copy


The next images we kept clean and simple with solid backdrops and posing that focuses on the baby bump, the adorable mama and the love between Megan and Jacob.

fort-worth-maternity-photographer copy
fort-worth-family-photographers copy

dallas-newborn-photographer copy
dallas-maternity-photographers copy
dallas-maternity-photographer copy

Can I just take a minute to say how cute these two are?! And by the way, I have never seen a dad more smitten and completely overwhelmed with love as Jacob was at the newborn session with his baby girl. It was heart warming and made the session so special and fun.

dallas-fort-worth-maternity-photographers copy
dallas-family-photographers copy

If you are thinking you want a maternity session in the studio, we would love to hear your ideas and try out a few of our own. Some of our clients do half of their session in the studio and the other half at an outdoor location and we love doing that as well. Click the contact or get in touch button on the homepage to talk with us about booking your maternity portraits!

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This was the Dammen twins first photo session with us. They are at that oh so cute, but oh so tricky to photograph age of about 3-4 months. Personality is starting to really come out, smiles are pretty easy to get, tummy time is hopefully improving, so it can be an adorable age for pictures. The main problem we run into is stamina. Usually babies this age are crying and totally worn out after about 30 minutes. So I fly and I mean fly through these set ups. Once I get a couple of cute smiles we move on. It’s like a cardio workout for me. I have found that is the only way to get a bunch of variety is to hustle through. Just make sure if you are doing a 3 or 4 month session in a studio or outdoors that the family has completely realistic expectations of how short the shooting window can be. When we do lifestyle sessions in people’s homes we can usually get a good hour out of the babies, this is always a good option for this age.

fort-worth-baby-photographer copy


Aren’t they darling?!?!

baby-photographer-fort-worth copy

And most of the time we squeeze in a few family shots at sessions if mom and dad are up for it! So glad that they were!

fort-worth-family-photographer copy


I did the Bowersock twin’s newborn session which was insanely cute and their six month session was greatness as well! Big sister was there to get in a few photos and the twins could not have been more relaxed and happy.

fort-worth-family-photographers copy

Their mom always picks the cutest color schemes!

fort-worth-baby-photographers copy
dallas-baby-photographers copy

We have been using these painted boards a lot for our studio shoots. They look really clean and nice and I love the look of the real wood!

dallas-fort-worth-baby-photographers copy


The Tran family is always a blast! Reese is 9 months now and they wanted an outdoor shoot this time. They chose one of my favorite spots and Reese did great! My only complaint: the hot and sweaty ridiculous summer heat that day!

fort-worth-family-photographer  copy

fort-worth-baby-photographer  copy

family-photographer-in-fort-worth copy

dallas-family-photographers copy

dallas-fort-worth-family-photographers  copy

dallas-baby-photographer copy

Sweet Noah is 1! We had a simple cake smash set up with tons of balloons and it is one of my favorite boy set ups we have done. Big sister Grace jumped in while Noah was changing for a few individual shots and she  was a complete ham as usual. She keeps me laughing at all of their sessions.

fort-worth-child-photographer copy
fort-worth-cake-smash-photographer copy
dallas-child-photographer copy
dallas-cake-smash-photographer copy


Big Gunner! That outfit was just perfect! He was smiley and a real trooper to deal with all the outfit changes and pictures at his age! Can’t wait to see him again in a few months!

fort -worth-baby-photographer copy
dallas-baby-photographer copy
dallas- fort-worth-baby-photographers copy

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Here are 2 more of our August newborns! First up, Emma! I was pretty excited to get to use this hat again, it’s so cute with the froggy pose. I actually recently ordered a wall print of this image and a coral polka dotted frame from Wild Sorbet that I think will be perfect for the studio. Wild Sorbet is one of the custom framing companies that we work with and they do an excellent job.

The froggy pose is one of our most requested poses.

The good news is almost every single baby can do it. (probably 90% or higher)

And even more good news: Most newborn sessions include every pose you would see here on this blog or our website, as well as 3 prop set ups. And yes, we can do this all in around 2 to 2.5 hours.


fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

The swing prop with this drop is magic. Such a great combo. I am doing a post on newborn photography safety soon, and in case you are curious a baby is never actually swinging. It’s a composite image and baby is safe at all times.

dallas-fort-worth-newborn- photographer copy

Emma’s mom brought in this ruffled romper, the tushy up pose is my favorite for ruffled rompers and bloomers. It really showcases the baby and the outfit.


dallas-newborn-photographer  copy



Next we have Diego! His hair and skin are amazefest. His mom brought in this cute sign, as well as the blanket we used to stuff the bucket on the yellow and gray dot shot. We love when our families bring in special props, and we LOVE when they send a picture of them to us ahead of time so we can be set up and prepped for the session. This makes the session go quicker and the setups more thought out.


His leg dangling down makes me happy. Diego loved to be wrapped up and didn’t want to be messed with by me very much. And that happens, and that is Ok! I am ready for any kind of baby and have back up plans for my back up plans. You will leave with gorgeous images no matter if your baby is fussy or so tired they don’t even open an eye. They don’t call me a  baby whisperer for nothing! Ha!

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photogarpher copy

dallas-newborn-photographer copy

These color combos are perfect! The fun bucket shot just radiates sunshine and the turquoise image looks so so good with his hair and skin tone.

fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

If you love my images and would like to know more information about our services click the contact or get in touch button.

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Meet Remy.

She is Hyde’s little sister and the newest addition to her precious family. Hyde was one of my newborns and baby’s first year babies so I am thrilled that Remy will be too! Coral, peachy pinks, gold and neutrals were the inspiration for her session. The props, fabrics and accessories I had ready for her shoot matched the fabrics of her nursery. We have a huge variety of props in the studio and can match any color scheme our clients request. We also love when our clients leave the styling of the session up to us. If you aren’t sure what you want or just want me to use what I know looks cute that is totally fine! I like to use some colorful set ups as well as some neutral and classic set ups.


Big brother Hyde came in the studio like a little curly haired angel. Sibling shots can be extremely challenging, but Hyde nailed it! This is one of my all time favorite sibling and newborn images. His hair, the innocent look at the camera, Remy’s position, I died 100 times over this one when I was editing this session.

fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy



Gold has been a highly requested color lately, we are loving this gold triangle drop! When I bought this curved bench prop, I was thinking it would be so easy to pose on and so perfect for newborns. No. Even with all my newborn experience, it is so tricky to get them on this bench and look as cute as Remy does.

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy


The pale peachy pink simple shots turned out so beautiful. I really love the texture of the fluff with the wood boards.

dallas-newborn-photographer copy

This color matched the nursery perfectly and photographs so well!

newborn-photographer-dallas copy

I always start my newborn sessions with a simple wrapped shot to make sure the babies are settled in and sleepy. The white on the coral was greatness!

newborn-photographer-fort-worth copy

If you are looking for a newborn photographer and think we may be the perfect match click the contact or get in touch button and I would love to talk to you more!

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Yes! More twins! We have photographed our fair share of twins lately and lots of them have been twin girls! Big brother Evan was one of my first clients long ago, so it was really special to get to photograph his baby sisters.

Our newborn sessions with poses and props are all done in our Fort Worth photography studio. It’s a safe environment with studio lighting, the correct temperature and all the gear and props I need for the shoot as well as tons of baby products that we use during a session (diapers, wipes, saline wipes for goopy eyes, water proof pads). We do offer lifestyle newborn sessions in people’s homes, but it has a totally different look with no props or posed babies. Studio newborn sessions are by far our most popular and what we are known for.


twin-baby-photographer-dallas copy

Could there be anything cuter than newborns hugging? No.

twin-baby-photographer-fort-worth copy


Mom wanted some purple accents, which I think is a beautiful color for newborns.

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy
dallas-newborn-photographer copy

I don’t know what it is about this pose, but 90% of the time we get a big baby smile when they are all wrapped up like this. They both gave us huge grins!

fort-worth-baby-photographer copy

Sibling photos are taken for a few minutes at the beginning of our studio newborn sessions, this can range anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on age and cooperation of the child.

fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy
newborn-photographer-dallas copy

Mom brought in the quilt from their nursery, so we used it as a floor drop. This is a great way to get an image that you know will perfectly match the nursery decor.

newborn-photographer-fort-worth copy

The double froggy. I do this shot as a four part composite for safety reasons. Those bracelets were just perfect for this set up!

newborn-twin-photographer-fort-worth copy

I ordered these rompers for the babies when I heard that they wanted some pink and gray images. I just love ordering new props and accessories for my newborns to make sure everything is just right.

twin-newborn-photographer-fort-worth copy

If you like my newborn work and would like to book an appointment click the contact or get in touch button and we will get back with you asap.


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