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These beautiful ladies came to visit me from Austin! When I have a client that travels, I feel extra pressure. With every single client, I give it my all and they get the full PWP treatment, but when someone travels, it’s a new level of eeeeek! Both girls were stunning and the images did not disappoint! Hooray! They designed a gorgeous simple album and got some wall art as well as digitals for their own printing and archiving. Thank you so much for coming to see me!!

fort-worth-family-photographers copyfort-worth-baby-photographers copyfort-worth-baby-photographer copyfamily-photographers-dallas copydallas-fort-worth-baby-photographers copydallas-baby-photographers copydallas-baby-photographer copybest-fort-worth-baby-photographers copybest-dallas-baby-photographers copy

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These kids have a special place in my photography heart! Bailey was one of my very early clients when she was in her mom’s tummy and she did a baby’s first year collection with me. Back then my studio was in my basement. Clients would come through my house, come down the stairs and I would hope that my kids weren’t throwing loud fits upstairs and that I could keep it somewhat professional. Now that seems hilarious, but you have to start somewhere! Thank you Pratt family for sticking with me through all the phases of Paige Walker Photography. I hope you treasure your images and know how much love I put into them!!

sibling-photo-ideas copy

Mom found a similar picture on pinterest, so we had fun recreating it! Love Bailey’s face!!

ft-worth-family-photographers copyfort-worth-family-photographers copyfort-worth-family-photographer copyfort-worth-dallas-child-photographer copyfort-worth-baby-photography copyfort-worth-baby-photographer copyfamily-photography-fort-worth copy

I LOVE this one! This is so Bailey! Free and dancing and cute as can be!

family-photography-dallas copyfamily-photographers-fort-worth-tx copyfamily-photographers-dallas-tx copydallas-family-photographers copydallas-family-photographer copy

I think if I were to pick one for an enlargement or canvas it just might be this kissing one! Bailey and Gunner look so sweet and you can really feel the sibling connection!

child-photographers-fort-worth copy

Oh and this dandelion pic just makes me happy!

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