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Paige is a sexy and confident gal. She wanted some head shots as well as some fun and flirty shots to give as a gift to her boyfriend.

fort-worth-photography-studios copy

She came all the way from West Texas, so the pressure was on!

fort-worth-photographers copy

She absolutely rocked it! The key to a great shoot is not being afraid to try stuff, and trusting that I am not going to make you look like a goon.

fort-worth-headshots copyfort-worth-headshot-photographer copydallas-professional-photographers copy

She had her hair and makeup done by our lovely makeup artist Simply You. It looked just right.

dallas-photography-studios copy

We had a blast and Paige left saying she was going to refer us to everyone she knows. That is always the best compliment!

dallas-headshots copydallas-headshot-photographers copy

Paige, you are beautiful and fun, sassy and sweet, I couldn’t have asked for a cooler client for this type of shoot!

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Maybe it’s because my senior pictures weren’t everything I had hoped, maybe it’s because I’m inspired by senior’s style and personalities, maybe it’s because they can actually take creative direction (vs. my beloved 2 year old clients), but I am absolutely in love with photographing seniors.

senior-photography-dallas-fort-worth copy

I like to make my senior photos look more like a magazine spread and less like a traditional senior portrait that was so popular decades ago.

senior-pictures-fort-worth copysenior-pictures-dallas copy


Jessica did her own hair and makeup and did a fantastic job, however we work with fort worth’s top makeup artist to make you go from beautiful to WOW!senior-photography-fort-worth copy
fort-worth-senior-pictures copyfort-worth-senior-photography-studio copy

We allow unlimited outfit changes during a senior session, but most of our clients change 3 times.

fort-worth-senior-photography copyfort-worth-senior-photographers copyfort-worth-senior-photographer copyfort-worth-high-school-senior-photographer copy

This is such a cool time in your life, let’s capture it right! Contact us to start planning an unforgettable senior portrait experience!

dallas-senior-pictures copydallas-senior-photography copydallas-senior-photographers copydallas-senior-photographer copydallas-high-school-senior-photographer copy

Jessica, you are gorgeous, sweet and ambitious, I can’t wait to see where life takes you!

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This is the most laid back and fun mom and dad to work with! And baby P, he’s pretty laid back and fun himself. Baby P couldn’t quite sit yet, but we still had to squeeze their shoot in in time for Christmas cards.


We did their session at their beautiful historical home in the most charming neighborhood.


fort-worth-lifestyle-photographer copy


While we were waiting on dad to finish getting ready, we got some cute shots of baby p and mom in the nursery.


fort-worth-photographers copy
fort-worth-family-photographer copy

That is a very happy trio!

family-photographers-fort-worth copy

For first time parents they are so relaxed and easy going. It’s really great to watch them interact.

dallas-fort-worth-baby-photographer copy

There was no toppling over when balanced just right in the pottery barn chair.

dallas-baby-photographer copy

I like to add any special items into baby sessions, this quilt was a meaningful gift and it made such a cute background.

baby-photographer-fort-worth copy


Thanks Brent and Sarah for having us out to your home to photograph your adorable family! See you soon!

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We photograph a ton of twins, but this was different. The twins were the dads!

This shoot was a gift for their mom. They got some accordion albums for her and some huge wall prints for their own homes.

family-photographer-in-dallas copy

extended-family-photographer-fort-worth copy

With our extended family sessions we make sure to get posed and candid shots of the entire huge group and then the smaller families, as well as any combination the family wants.

sibling-poses copysibling-photo-ideas copymom-with-toddler-photos copymom-with-kids-poses copymom-and-daughter-pictures copy

Jeni was telling me how she felt like this was going to be a cheesy shot. When she saw the result she was in love with it and it was one of her favorites. Trust your photographer, we know what works! It may feel strange, but just go with it.

mom-and-baby-poses copyfort-worth-child-photographer copyfort-worth-baby-photographer copyfamily-photographers-in-dallas copyfamily-photographers-dallas copy

This one cracks me up! These twins look SO much alike!!
family-photographer-fort-worth copyfamily-photo-poses copyfamily-photo-ideas copyextended-family-poses copy
dallas-family-photographer copydallas-child-photographer copy

The beautiful cousins, and I didn’t even need to do a head swap!

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I don’t know what it is with me and dentists/orthodontists, but I sure do have a lot of clients in that industry! The husband is an orthodontist, and the wife is a dentist. No need to edit the teeth in photoshop for this family;)


mom-and-toddler-photos copy

Sometimes, with toddlers, it’s easy to get some shots of them walking away with their parents. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if they are mad or crying, it’s still an adorable and sweet shot that is always a favorite.

fort-worth-family-photographers copy

Oh my gosh, this is so fun! I just love the sheer happiness on the parent’s faces. That is one loved little girl!

family-pictures-on-a-blanket copyfamily-photos-on-bridge copyfamily-photographer-dallas-fort-worth copyfamily-photographer-dallas copydad-and-daughter-photos copy

I almost always have my dads throw their toddlers up in the air and play with them. This face is one of my all time favorite flying high faces!


child-photography copycandid-family-photos copybaby-photographer-fort-worth copybaby-photographer-dallas copy

She is absolutely beautiful and I am excited to meet baby #2!!

baby-and-mom-photos copy

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